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Informative report on international search and rescue efforts

Presentation In this century, changes because of globalization have come about in unmistakably more relationship than which existed during the only remaining century when the vast majority of the exercises on the planet were limited to topographical limits. As of now, there is free progression of data and assets starting with one nation then onto the next. Publicizing We will compose a custom evaluation test on Informative report on universal quest and salvage endeavors explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Similarly, the exercises of the fire and salvage benefits in the United Kingdom have not been constrained to the nation alone. Every so often, firemen in this nation are required to do a salvage crucial relieving crises that are uncontrolled in different places far and wide, for example, the ongoing Haiti Earthquake. Consequently, it is exemplary advancement when our Fire authority is thinking about turning out to be a piece of the UK’S International inquir y and salvage group. Be that as it may, before participating in such a crucial, need to mull over the different legitimate, moral, and worldwide issues concerning this activity. Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 The England and Wales Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 would be appropriate in how our Fire authority would do its tasks. The Act is the main significant change in the law concerning the activity of the Fire and Rescue Service since the presentation of the primary Act path in 1947 (Great Britain Parliament, 5). The past Act constrained the elements of the Service to battling fires henceforth restricted the quantity of tasks it could take part in. Notwithstanding, because of passing the new Act, the duties of the Service has changed a lot. Thusly, the fire and salvage specialists at present have different legal commitments applying to fire security, putting out fires, street auto collisions, and crises. Under the new Act, various new key arrangements are material to our fire administration in achieving its crucial (. The demonstration advances fire wellbeing activities among fire and salvage specialists; hence, supports the change toward a more counteraction based and chance surveyed approach. Publicizing Looking for evaluation on worldwide relations? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This can help with forestalling more passings by bringing down the quantity of flames rates occurring in any case. This new authoritative bundle sets up another bundle of forces and obligations regarding powerful and effective assistance. The new job is advantageous for the tasks of a cutting edge Fire and Rescue Service. The Act approves the fire and salvage specialists to participate in saving street car crashes. What's more, it considers duties in reacting to different crises. These may incorporate calamitous flooding and demonstrations of psychological warfare. Fundamentally, the enactment accommodates revision in accordance with how the obligations of the Fire and Rescue Service might be characterized later on. Besides, the Fire and Rescue Service is likewise blessed with the duty of performing different commitments in light of the particular necessities of their networks and the dangers they experience. The new authoritative system accomplishes this through creation sure that the different fire and salvage specialists present in the nation can embrace obligations that are not especially illustrated in the Act yet which will help them achieve their legal commitments just as permitting the specialists to utilize staff and gear, as per their ability for any fitting reason. Moreover, the demonstration enables fire and salvage specialists to compose properly for the event of different dangers to life and the earth. For example, they can build up neighborhood preparing focuses to outfitting individuals with aptitudes important for reacting to dangers of life or nature in their general vicinit y. The Act ensures a successful and effective support of people in general. In both national and worldwide levels, fire and salvage specialists maintain equity, assorted variety, and decency in administration arrangement. What's more, they have the ability and versatility important in tending to the current difficulties. These components make it workable for the specialists to satisfy the fluctuated necessities of every differentiated network both locally and abroad. The appropriation of ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ are the two critical components of administration arrangement that Fire and Rescue maintains. These components confirms that the administration, which depends absolutely on the applied rules, standards, and methodology of the affiliation, must drive towards the arrangement it gets rewarded and it must bring about compelling help arrangement to all areas of the community.Advertising We will compose a custom appraisal test on Informative report on g lobal quest and salvage endeavors explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Under what is alluded to as shared help, just because, the Act permits fire and salvage specialists to go into fortification plans and to assign the conveyance of capacities to other fire administrations or fire specialists. Concerning data and examination, the Act adopts another strategy by taking into account the passage of an approved representative of a fire administration or fire expert for setting up the reason for the fire. These legal powers additionally involve the position to take tests from the location of the catastrophe. The Act assumes key job in helping fire and salvage experts in standing up to the worldwide difficulties of this new thousand years. The new structure of forces and obligations puts counteraction procedures on a comparable balance with mediation techniques (Furness and Muckett, 352). It makes it workable for singular fire and salvage specialists to settle on proper choices in the wake of having conversations with their networks. They would then be able to pick on how and where to channel their assets. The Act in this manner observes the more extensive job of the fire and salvage specialists and empowers them to act because of the different dangers sketched out in their Integrated Risk Management Plans. English firefighters’ reaction to the 2010 Haiti seismic tremor The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 would be pertinent in the tasks of the hunt and salvage groups when doing their obligations abroad. For instance, during the Haiti seismic tremor, the UK fire and salvage specialists exhibited their job in reacting to worldwide calamities. The seismic tremor, which had a focal point close to the town of Leogane, occurred on January 12, 2010 and influenced the lives of around 3,000,000 individuals. The country’s specialists assessed that 200 and thirty thousand people had kicked the bucket, 300,000 had been harmed and one million ma de destitute. The tremor likewise made extreme harms the country’s framework. A few countries reacted to bids for helpful guide. Other than reserves, some of them dispatched their salvage groups to attempt the obligation of sparing lives. In spite of the fact that the salvage endeavors were hampered by the degree of the huge demolition, the endeavors began in the prompt fallout of the shake. The UK search and salvage laborers were not deserted in the crisis activity. The International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander stated, â€Å"It is as of now certain that we are confronting a significant philanthropic emergency. The most squeezing need is for universal inquiry and salvage groups †including firemen from all over Britain †to continue ahead with their work of sparing lives† (PSCA International Ltd, para. 7). Promoting Searching for appraisal on worldwide relations? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Thusly, after around forty-eight hours of the shake, UK’s 64 firemen from Gatwick showed up in the crushed nation â€Å"to continue ahead with their work of sparing lives.† Other firemen across Britain before long went along with them and they worked in six distinct groups. They understood wonderful achievement in this strategic, four survivors in ten days. This was accomplished regardless of the impediments they looked on attempting to utilize their overwhelming gear. In the universal salvage endeavors, it is striking that the British pursuit and salvage groups turned into the first to arrive at the focal point of the seismic tremor, Leogane. They showed up on 17 January. As though alluding to the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, Douglas Alexander stated: We have to get search and salvage groups on the ground. Consistently matters. There will be compassionate necessities for food, safe house and sanitation. It is basic to co-ordinate the universal exertion. We need t o work with others to ensure everybody doesn't turn up with a similar hardware. This is a horrible disaster and we are resolved to do what we can to help†¦We are conversing with the USA and UN about assembling (PSCA International Ltd, para. 4). As was exemplified by the compassionate reaction to the 2010 Haiti seismic tremor, the Act furnished the British firemen with new structure of forces and obligations for going up against the rising difficulties of this century. The British pursuit and salvage groups had the option to help with sparing more lives, convey powerful and proficient assistance, work with proper gear, give neighborhood preparing focuses to the Haiti individuals, and work with other salvage groups from around the globe. In the event that the job of fire administration in the UK were as yet confined by the past Act, which didn't give the administration the forces to react to different consequences, the activity in Haiti to spare lives would not have acknowledged such achievement. Globalization consequences for fire and salvage administration The adjustments in our reality because of globalization influence the authoritative and considerable work of those in the fire an

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Lab 5 Cellular Respiration

Lab 5Cellular Respiration Introduction: Cellular breath is an ATP-creating catabolic procedure in which a definitive electron acceptor is an inorganic atom, for example, oxygen. It is the arrival of vitality from natural mixes by metabolic synthetic oxidation in the mitochondria inside every cell. Starches, proteins, and fats would all be able to be processed as fuel, yet cell breath is regularly depicted as the oxidation of glucose, as follows: C6H12O6 + 6O2 > 6CO2 + 6H2O + 686 kilocalories of vitality/mole of glucose oxidized Cellular breath includes glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and the electron transport chain.Glycolysis is a catabolic pathway that happens in the cytosol and incompletely oxidizes glucose into twopyruvate (3-C). The Krebs cycle is likewise a catabolic pathway that happens in the mitochondrial framework and finishes glucose oxidation by separating apyruvate subsidiary (Acetyl-CoA) into carbon dioxide. These two cycles both produce a limited quantity of ATP by sub strate-level phosphorylation and NADH by moving electrons from substrate to NAD+ (Krebs cycle likewise creates FADH2 by moving electrons to FAD).The electron transport chain is situated at the internal film of the mitochondrion, acknowledges invigorated electrons from decreased coenzymes that are collected during glycolysis and Krebs cycle, and couples this exergonic slide of electrons to ATP blend or oxidative phosphorylation. This procedure produces 90% of the ATP. Cells react to changing metabolic needs by controlling response rates. Anabolic pathways are turned off when their items are in plentiful gracefully. The most widely recognized component of control is input inhibition.Catabolic pathways, for example, glycolysis and the Krebs cycle, are constrained by controlling catalyst action at key focuses. A key control purpose of catabolism is the third step of glycolysis, which is catalyzed by an allosteric catalyst, phosphofructokinase. The proportion of ATP to ADP and AMP mirror s the vitality status of the cell, and phosphofructokinase is touchy to changes in this proportion. Citrate and ATP are allosteric inhibitors of phosphofructokinase, so when their fixation rise, the chemical eases back glycolysis.As the pace of glycolysis eases back, the Krebs cycle likewise eases back since the flexibly of Acetyl-CoA is diminished. This synchronizes the paces of glycolysis and the Krebs cycle. ADP and AMP are allosteric activators for phosphofructokinase, so when their fixations comparative with ATP rise, the catalyst accelerates glycolysis, which paces of the Krebs cycle. Cell breath is measure in three habits: the utilization of O2 (what number of moles of O2 are devoured in cell breath? ), creation of CO2 (what number of moles of CO2 are delivered in cell breath? , and the arrival of vitality during cell breath. PV = nRT is the equation for the idle gas law, where P is the weight of the gas, V is the volume of the gas, n is the quantity of particles of gas, R is the gas consistent, and T is the temperature of the gas in degrees K. This law suggests a few significant things about gases. In the event that temperature and weight are kept consistent, at that point the volume of the gas is legitimately corresponding to the quantity of atoms of the gas. On the off chance that the temperature and volume stay steady, at that point the weight of the gas changes in direct extent to the quantity of atoms of gas.If the quantity of gas particles and the temperature stay consistent, at that point the weight is contrarily relative to the volume. In the event that the temperature changes and the quantity of gas atoms is kept steady, at that point either weight or volume or both will change in direct extent to the temperature. Theory: The respirometer with just developing peas will expend the biggest measure of oxygen and will change over the biggest measure of CO2 into K2CO3 than the respirometers with globules and dry peas and with dabs alone.The tempera ture of the water showers legitimately impacts the pace of oxygen utilization by the substance in the respirometers (the higher the temperature, the higher the pace of utilization). Materials: The accompanying materials are important for the lab: 2 thermometers, 2 shallow showers, faucet water, ice, paper towels, veiling tape, sprouting peas, non-developing (dry) peas, glass globules, 100 mL graduated chamber, 6 vials, 6 elastic plugs, permeable and non-spongy cotton, KOH, a 5-mL pipette, silicon stick, paper, pencil, a clock, and 6 washers. Procedure:Prepare a room temperature and a 10oC water shower. Time to alter the temperature of each shower will be fundamental. Add ice solid shapes to one shower until the ideal temperature of 10oC is gotten. Fill a 100 mL graduated chamber with 50 mL of water. Include 25 growing peas and decide the measure of water that is dislodged. Record this volume of the 25 growing peas, at that point expel the peas and spot them on a paper towel. They wi ll be utilized for respirometer 1. Next, top off the graduated chamber with 50 mL of water and add 25 non-growing peas to it.Add glass dots to the graduated chamber until the volume is comparable to that of the extended sprouting peas. Expel the globules and peas and spot on a paper towel. They will be utilized in respirometer 2. Presently, top off the graduated chamber with 50 mL of water. Decide what number of glass dabs would be required to achieve a volume that is equal to that of the sprouting peas. Expel the globules. They will be utilized in respirometer 3. At that point rehash the techniques utilized above to set up a second arrangement of sprouting peas, dry peas and globules, and dots to be utilized in respirometers 4,5,and 6.Assemble the six respirometers by getting 6 vials, each with an appended plug and pipette. At that point place a little wad of permeable cotton in the base of every vial and, utilizing the pipette or syringe, immerse the cotton with 15 % KOH. Be certa in not to get the KOH on the sides of the respirometer. At that point place a little wad of non-retentive cotton on the KOH-doused permeable cotton. Rehash these means to make the other five respirometers. It is imperative to use about a similar measure of cotton and KOH in every vial. Next, place the principal set of developing peas, dry peas and dabs and dots alone in vials 1,2, and 3.Place the second arrangement of sprouting peas, dry peas and dabs, and glass dabs in vials 4,5, and 6. Supplement the plugs in every vial with the best possible pipette. Spot a washer on every one of the pipettes to be utilized as a weight. Make a sling utilizing veiling tape and connect it to each side of the water showers to hold the pipettes out of the water during the equilibration time of 10 minutes. Vials 1,2, and 3 ought to be in the shower containing water at room temperature. Vials 4, 5, and 6 ought to be in the shower containing water that is 10oC. After the equilibration time frame, inunda te each of the six respirometers into the water completely.Water will enter the pipette for a short separation and stop. On the off chance that the water doesn't stop, there is a break. Ensure the pipettes are confronting a course from where you can understand them. The vials ought not be moved during the test and your hands ought not be set in the water during the investigation. Permit the respirometers to equilibrate for three additional minutes and afterward record the underlying water perusing in every pipette at time 0. Check the temperature in the two showers and record the information. Like clockwork for 20 minutes take readings of the water’s position in every pipette, and record.Results: In this action, you are exploring both the impacts of germination versus non-germination and warm temperature versus cold temperature on breath rate. Distinguish the theory being tried on this action. The pace of cell breath is higher in the growing peas in cold than in the dots or n on-developing peas; the cooler temperature neglected water showers eases back the procedure of cell breath in the both sprouting and non-growing peas. This movement utilizes various controls. Distinguish at any rate three of the controls, and portray the reason for each.The steady temperature in the water showers yielding stable readings, the unvarying volume of KOH from vial to vial prompting equivalent measures of carbon dioxide utilization, indistinguishable equilibration periods for all the respirometers, exact time interims among estimations, and glass globules going about as a control for barometric weight all filled in as controls. Depict and clarify the connection between the measure of oxygen expended and time. There was a steady, progressive grade in the measure of oxygen devoured over exact section of time.Why is it important to address the readings from the peas with the readings from the dots? The dots filled in as a control variable, hence, the dabs encountered no adju stment in gas volume. Clarify the impacts of germination (versus non-germination) on pea seed breath. The sprouting seeds have a higher metabolic rate and required more oxygen for development and endurance. The non-growing peas, however alive, expected to devour far less oxygen for proceeded with resource. Above is an example diagram of potential information got for oxygen utilization by sprouting peas up to about 8oC. Attract anticipated outcomes through 45oC.Explain your forecast. When the temperature arrived at a specific point, the proteins vital for cell breath denatured and germination (and a lot of oxygen utilization) was restrained. What is the motivation behind KOH in this test? The KOH drops ingested the carbon dioxide and made it accelerate at the base of the vial and not, at this point ready to impact the readings. For what reason did the vial need to be totally fixed under the plug? The plug at the highest point of the vial must be totally fixed with the goal that no ga s could spill out of the vial and no water would be permitted into the vial.If you utilized the equivalent exploratory plan to look at the paces of breath of a 35g well evolved creature at 10oC, what results would you anticipate? Clarify your thinking. Breath would be higher in the well evolved creature si

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I Am Very Outraged About That Goodreads Thing

I Am Very Outraged About That Goodreads Thing Late last week, Goodreads published an announcement that they were changing review policies and removing author bookshelves and also went through and deleted a bunch of reviews. I know this because a lot of people on my Twitter feed had some things to say about it. It was a bit of a  kerfuffle  if you dont mind me throwing in the parlance of the young people like that. Now I grant you, Im not sure what this solution means, because its to a problem that I dont understand, on a website I dont use a whole lot but I am really outraged about it. This is unbelievable! How  dare Goodreads presume to march into well, log into (Im not sure how it works actually maybe they walk into somewhere first I dont know) their own website and makes changes to these sorts of things! These sorts of things which a lot of people use to communicate opinions about other sorts of things and other people to each other! This is  exactly what we were all warned was going to happen in that one dystopian novel about the fascist future we all read in school probably! Is nowhere safe anymore? Its this sort of meddling that is destroying the book-reading world. This stuff, and Twitter. And reality television. And  Hulkmania!  Is that still a thing? I dont have cable. Anyway this is  just what Jonathan Franzen was talking about in that one article which caused a bit of a ruckus if youll pardon the slang, shawty, in which he said that technology and things were destroying our ability to read men who write essays in German. This solution thingy to that problemy-bit, its not going to work. The community will just work around it and create other Goodreads things that do a different thing and other problems will happen! Goodreads will eliminate those and soon there will be nowhere left for the common rabble to talk about books and well all go back to reading the opinions of the New York Times Book Review and thats not such a bad thing. I mean thats a very bad thing. Thats why Im so outraged. I hope Goodreads sees the error in their ways and changes their solution to that one problem so that we can solve that problem with a different thing that doesnt make that original thing a worse thing. Frankly if this keeps up we might all leave and go over to that other site that does a thing like Goodreads does but a little bit differently. Unless  they do something awful too and then well be  outraged at them as well! I have to go lie down. ____________________________ Sign up for our newsletter to have the best of Book Riot delivered straight to your inbox every week. No spam. We promise. To keep up with Book Riot on a daily basis, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, , and subscribe to the Book Riot podcast in iTunes or via RSS. So much bookish goodnessall day, every day.

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How the Economy Works - 712 Words

The theoretical contributions from the schools of Classical Economics, Monetarism and Keynesianism on the demand for money have always been subject to debate by economic scholars alike. The Quantity Theory of Money is an economic theory that states that the money supply is an economy is directly proportional to the general price level. This theory is commonly associated with neoclassical economics. Milton Friedman, a famous economist, modified this quantity theory of money by formulating a theory called the general theory of asset demand, where money demand is a function of wealth and returns of other assets relative to money. The Keynesian school also came up with a different theory of money: the liquidity preference theory, which famously eliminated the famous dichotomy of real and monetary variables in classical economics. In this essay I will first explain the Quantity Theory of Money and then proceed to show how Keynes and Friedman’s modern quantity theory is different f rom the classical quantity theory of money, in terms of changing the theoretical understanding of the functions and demands of money. The main assumption of the quantity theory of money is that money is neutral. This means that monetary factors such as the money stock do not affect real variables such as output and employment levels. This concept is related to the classical dichotomy. This means that monetary and real variables do not mix (Snowdon, Vane, Wynarczyk, 1994). For example, real variablesShow MoreRelatedThree Principles Describe How Economy as a Whole Works11284 Words   |  46 PagesSolutions to Quick Quizzes Chapter 1 1. There are many possible answers. 2. There are many possible answers. 3. The three principles that describe how the economy as a whole works are: (1) a country’s standard of living depends on its ability to produce goods and services; (2) prices rise when the government prints too much money; and (3) society faces a short-run tradeoff between inflation and unemployment. A country’s standard of living depends largely on the productivity of its workers, whichRead MoreA Circular Flow Diagram Is A Visual Model Of How The Economy Works840 Words   |  4 PagesA circular flow diagram is simply a visual model of how the economy works (cite school book). It also shows the players and how they interact with each other to organize to make up the economy. It is a valuable tool for micro-economic understanding. The models have two sections; expenditure and output. All of this is an important factor since a circular diagram does create a pattern. There is production, income, spen ding and back to production. The players or participants of a circular diagram areRead MoreHow Venture Capital Works : Invention And Innovation Drive The U.s. Economy Essay2076 Words   |  9 PagesHow Venture Capital Works Invention and innovation drive the U.S. economy. What’s more, they have a powerful grip on the nation’s collective imagination. The popular press is filled with against-all-odds success stories of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. In these sagas, the entrepreneur is the modern-day cowboy, roaming new industrial frontiers much the same way that earlier Americans explored the West. At his side stands the venture capitalist, a trail-wise sidekick ready to help the hero throughRead MoreUnpaid Work : An Outdated Social Norm Essay1285 Words   |  6 PagesUnpaid work is a key theme emphasized in Stanford’s text Economics for Everyone. The importance of unpaid work is explained in a variety of ways throughout the chapters. The unequal distribution of unpaid work, towards women, is highlighted for being an outdated social norm. Stanford enlightens readers on the reality of how unpaid work significantly affects economics. The content shows that if unpaid work in the economy was properly understood, it could influence a change in the way the economy is evaluatedRead MoreThe New Opportunities Within The Gig Economy759 Words   |  4 PagesHaws (2015) document the many new opportunities within the gig economy: â€Å"Enabling access to work for people who would otherwise be excluded, (e.g. people with disabilities and people in developing economies), enabling consumers to access affordable services on a just-in-time basis. Creating new opportunities for flexible ways to combine work and private life. Enabling low-cost entry into the market for new enterprises or firms trying out new products or services, thus contributing to growth andRead MoreThe Macroeconomics of Unemployment1126 Words   |  5 PagesThe Macroeconomics of Unemployment In any economy, no matter whether it is controlled by the government or by free markets, people need to work in order to support it. The government does not generate tax revenue by magic. There have to be people in that economy earning an income to ensure that the government continues to collect taxes. In a free market economy, the same applies because there are some services which only an organized government can supply (such as protection from extra-nationalRead MoreEnd This Depression Now by Paul Krugman Essay1497 Words   |  6 PagesDepression Now by Paul Krugman and Changing Contours of Work: Jobs and opportunities in the New Economy by Stephen Sweet and Peter Meiksins. The textbook offered a sociological analysis of the nature of work in the new economy, such as the new opportunities in this economy as well and the challenges many workers now face and ultimately how this change the family lives of many. The book also discussed about the new face of the workplace and work in general, which includes issues on inequality and discriminationRead MoreMarket Society1582 Words   |  7 Pages consisting of various job titles from health care, transportation to real-estate. However, this array of options was not always the case. The world we know of today has transitioned into a market economy. Polayni’s definition of market economy is â€Å"a self-regulating system of markets. It is an economy directed by market prices† (Polayni, 43). To elaborate, this means every product is controlled by supply and demand, and the price is not determined by the government. Differing from today, in the pastRead MoreEconomic Critique1396 Words   |  6 PagesCritique Currently, our country is in a recession, and the unemployment rate is at an all-time high. The unemployment rate consists of people not only out of work but also those who can work and are actively looking for work (Colander, 2010). Unemployment also means there are more people out of work than there are jobs available (Colander, 2010). Unemployment has extremely negative effects on many people and businesses. The government budgets funds for unemploymentRead MoreThe Political Economy Of Communication792 Words   |  4 Pagespolitical economy of communication is using political economy approach to analyse the media and communication. Therefore, before discuss the political economy of communication we need to figure out what is political economy and what is communication. The definition of political economy is not simple. This essay uses the definitions given by Vincent Mosco and explores its origin in Greek and inspiration from the Classical Political Economy. Apart from the Classical Political Economy, this essay

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Summary Sm And Imperialism - 1455 Words

sm and imperialism are two topics that have been seen as an inseparable pairing in history and economics. Even today, both of their legacies live on– they are what brought east Asia and Europe closer together (eventually, after their policies greatly damaged– and in some places erased– the existing ideas in these areas) and are the entire reason a majority of the United States population are of European or African descent– rather than indigenous americans– or that Iberian languages are spoken in Central and South America rather than the native languages there. Common thought today almost unanimously agrees that without European and Afro-American influences, the Americas would be a very different place. It is also commonly thought today that imperialism– being both similar and coming after in terms of time– is a direct offshoot of mercantilist policy. While it is true that without the first the latter would be very different, the fallac y that it is the direct descendant is completely untrue. While mercantilism fueled the fires for the imperialist ideas of Europe, it was not the deciding factor– many other factors completely unrelated from mercantilism helped create imperialist thought. Mercantilism can be found as early as the crusades, when republics like Venice and Genoa traded between Europe and the Levant– not only bringing in valuable goods, making them powerful trading states in of themselves, but also seeding the ideas that would become mercantile concepts; theShow MoreRelatedInternational Relations: Liberalism and Realism2281 Words   |  10 Pagesprogress of the human race, they tend to discourage conflict based on the premise that the good nature of humans allows for peaceful and diplomatic solutions. Violence is only justified when it is a means of self defence from existing threats. Imperialism is also as a primary cause of conflict to a liberal. This is as a result of countries in the position like that of the USA extending its’ hegemonic state to justify unnecessary use of its’ military forces. This extension of power and influenceRead MoreFrom Extravagant Movie Theatres to Lowly Bomba Houses: Investigating the Degeneration of City Spaces Along Claro M. Recto Avenue, Manila10891 Words   |  44 PagesAmericans to colonize the Philippines. These war-themed films gained much popularity and reverence from the pre-dominantly white, male audiences back then. In summary, Deocampo explains how the early history of film and cinema in the Philippines, is dominated by the concepts of war and conquest, as influenced by America’s desire for imperialism and its fixation with its so-called manifest destiny. Quirino (1983), similar to Deocampo (2007) points the rise of cinema in the Philippines to the arrivalRead MoreAN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN THE MINING SECTOR IN NIGERIA15805 Words   |  64 Pagesmethodology. Chapter two talks about the conceptual, theoretical and empirical review of the study.Chapter three deals with the research methodology. Chapter four is concerned about the analysis and interpretation of data. Chapter five includes the Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations. 1.7 Definition of Term Economic Growth: An increase in a country’s total output. It may be measured by the annual rate of increase in a country’s Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as adjustedRead MoreReed Supermarket Case32354 Words   |  130 Pages6 Forces for global integration and market responsiveness 1.7 The value chain as a framework for identifying international competitive advantage 1.8 Value shop and the service value chain 1.9 Information business and the virtual value chain 1.10 Summary Case studies 1.1 Build-A-Bear Workshop (BBW): how to manage the global comeback? 1.2 Arcor: a Latin American confectionery player is globalizing its business 1.3 Video case study: Nivea Questions for discussion References 3 5 5 6 6 7 17 19 21Read MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 PagesStrategic E-Business Opportunities (and Threats) B2B Applications 260 B2C Applications 263 Two Dot-Com Retailers 264 Two Traditional Catalog Retailers Two Traditional Store Retailers Summary: B2C Retailing 268 266 267 259 239 Contents Dot-Com Intermediaries 269 Summary: Successful Online Intermediary Models 273 Special Issue: What Makes a Good Web Site for Consumers 273 Special Issue: What Makes a Good B2C Social Media Platform 275 Review Questions 276

Hydraulic Fracturing Free Essays

Is hydrologic fracturing a suitable form of energy production? Over the past 85 years, the American Petroleum Institute, API, has been developing and refining engineering standards and practices for the industry. The past decade has brought about a new practice which involves hydraulic fracturing in order to produce oil and natural gas in places where conventional technologies are ineffective. This is a rather in depth process. We will write a custom essay sample on Hydraulic Fracturing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Firstly, a production drill is drilled through the rock layers to intersect the coal seem that contains coal bed methane, CBM. Next, fractures are created or existing fractures are enlarged in the coal seem so that the CBM can be drawn from the well and pumped to the surface. These fractures are created or enlarged by using a thick water-based fluid which is gradually increased by rate and pressure. Then, over time the coal seam is unable to keep up with the fracturing fluid which results in high pressure causing the coal to fracture along the weaknesses within. Sand is pumped into these fractures to keep them ‘propped’ open after the pressures are released. The first diagram in the appendix shows what occurs in the subsurface during a typical hydraulic fracturing event. After a period of fluid recovery or groundwater extraction is when the extraction of CBM occurs. As pumping continues, the pressure eventually decreases so that the methane desorbs from the coal, flows and is extracted through the production well. The fracture created acts as a conduit in the rock or coal formation, allowing the CBM to flow more freely from the coal seems through the fracture system and to the production where gas is pumped to the surface. Unlike conventional gas production, the amount of water extracted declines proportionally with increasing CBM production (US EPA, 2004). The demand of natural gas is expected to increase drastically over the next 20 years, causing the need for innovative production to fill the growing demand. Many may believe that there are other ways to fulfill the need of natural gas, due to production concerns, but this is a suitable form of energy production. Hydraulic fracturing should be used because it will provide a significant increase in jobs, economic growth, and clean burning energy. The Keystone XL pipeline has had much controversy in the news recently. This pipeline is an extension onto the existing pipeline running from Canada to the United States. The pipeline would increase crude oil capacity between the two countries allowing for a more diverse supply among the United States’ worldwide crude oil sources, shorten the transportation pathway for crude oil supplies, and increase the crude oil supplies from a major non-organization of petroleum exporting countries producer. â€Å"The use of hydraulic fracturing will help make our country more energy self-reliant and more secure† (Green, 2012). This statement was made by the API President and CEO, Jack Gerard during the second State of American Energy event January 4. He also proceeded to state that the United State’s resources on and offshore are among the largest in the world. This means that with the right policies in place, there could be 100 percent of our liquid fuel needs supplied domestically and from Canada by 2026. Also, with a pro-energy development approach 1 million new US jobs by 2018 could be produced along with billions of dollars in additional revenue to government (Green, 2012). The increase in jobs from this production is approximately 334,000 in the past two years after the 3 million manufacturing jobs lost from 2001-2007. Hydraulic fracturing has rapidly increased the domestic production of natural gas and has seen low domestic prices for households. Figure five below shows the increase in production rates over the last several years (Green, 2012). The oppositions to this vision are primarily political on an ecological level. In order for the process to run smoothly water use is needed. Many think that the water used for hydraulic fracturing could deplete fresh water supplies and impact aquatic habitat. Some also say that the groundwater could be contaminated. Some hydraulic fracturing fluids can also contain chemicals. Typically a mixture of water, proppants and chemicals are what is pumped into the rock or coal to fracture the wells. Eco-friendly leaders and environmentalists are taking a stand to state that these chemicals, use of water and damage to groundwater are not acceptable and this energy method should not be used. Firstly, chemicals typically make up just 0. and 2% of the total volume of the fracturing fluid with the majority being water. Secondly, natural gas emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fossil fuels, about half as much of carbon dioxide as coal which contributes to less global warming. Thirdly, with the halting of fracturing in some states due to pressures from environmental and public health groups asking the EPA for tests and proof that it is safe to continue with this type of energy production, supporters are concerned that it could hinder U. S. job growth and energy output in a time of need (McLendon, 2010). The tests from the EPA will take roughly two years, so until then it is a waiting process. As you can see, this is a roughly new energy production that does need to be researched more. From my point of view the pros seem to outweigh the cons. I think more tests and actual data about contamination and whether it is really safe will be the true test. The increase in jobs, economic growth, and clean burning energy is most definitely what this country needs right now. The true outlook on this issue will come towards the later part of this year when the test results conclude. References Green, M. (2012, January 05). Starting the energy debate. Retrieved from http://energytomorrow. org/blog/starting-the-energy-debate/ McLendon, R. (2010, December 10). Big frack attack: Is hydraulic fracturing safe?. Retrieved from http://www. mnn. com/earth-matters/translating-uncle-sam/stories/big-frack-attack-is-hydraulic-fracturing-safe US EPA. (2004, June). Evaluation of impacts to underground sources of drinking water by hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane reservoirs. Retrieved from http://www. epa. gov/safewater/uic/pdfs/cbmstudy_attach_uic_exec_summ. pdf Appendix How to cite Hydraulic Fracturing, Papers Hydraulic Fracturing Free Essays What is hydraulic fracturing or fracking, and is it safe for our environment? What types of environmental issues are there with fracking? Are the laws in place for fracking good enough or should they be stronger? How much energy does the United States need for the future and is hydraulic fracturing the answer? These are all good questions that deserve good answers. Simply put hydraulic fracturing is taking a lot of water pressure and blasting it deep into the earth to create fractures in rock. By creating those fractures it allows oil and natural gas to seep out of the well within the rock. We will write a custom essay sample on Hydraulic Fracturing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Technically speaking, hydraulic fracturing is drilling into the earth. Steel pipes are placed inside the well as companies drill deeper into the earth. This is done to ensure that no groundwater is contaminated during the procedure. Once the well is at the desired depth, water, sand and chemicals are forced down the well with immense pressure. Depending on the drilling site, the chemicals that are used will vary. Different sites require different chemicals. It is because of these chemicals that there are environmental issues. There are generally four major environmental issues to speak of. Water contamination, management of waste water, air quality and the chemicals used are those major issues. Water contamination may be the largest issue at hand though. Water contamination is normally done through spills and faulty well construction. This can be such a major issue because if test are not done on a regular basis people may be drinking and bathing in harmful water. â€Å"In 2010, residents of Pavilion, Wyoming complained about the condition of their well water. In December 2011, EPA released a report finding that compounds associated with fracking chemicals had been detected in the groundwater beneath the community and health officials advised residents not to drink the water. † (Reece O’Day) In this particular instant the people of Pavilion may very well have developed major health issues due to fracking. It took at least a year for anyone to come to a conclusion as to what was wrong with the water. Mismanagement of the waste water can be almost as bad as water contamination. The waste water that comes from fracking has a number of things in it that are harmful to the environment. The waste water can contain anything from radioactive materials to the chemicals used in the process. However, there are several things that can be done with the waste water but most of them aren’t really solutions. In fact the only real solution is taking the water to a treatment or recycling facility. The other alternatives include surface impoundments for storage or deep well injections. Neither of these options takes care of the problem. They are simply out of sight, out of mind solutions. Air quality is another issue with fracking. The process will release methane and other greenhouse gasses. While there are steps being taken to reduce these gasses, they are still being emitted into our atmosphere. The gasses that are released into the atmosphere are contributing to the global climate change. Too much of these gasses and the world will start to shut down and die. The last major issue with hydraulic fracturing is the chemicals that are used in the process. Because each well requires different chemicals operators are only required to keep records of the chemicals they use. There is a long list of chemicals that are generally used in fracking. Hydrochloric Acid, Acetic Acid and Thioglycolic Acid are just some of the chemicals that are being used. State and federal regulations on hydraulic fracturing are trying to achieve the same end goal. As with all state and federal laws and regulations, federal is more broad and simple. State law and regulations tend to be more precise and detailed. They take what federal has set in place and expand on it. Federal regulations for hydraulic fracturing are truly simple. They really only focus on three things, the constructions of the well, the treatment of flow back water and the discloser of the chemicals used in the process. The integrity of the well most be verified using a cement bond log. All the chemicals that are used must be submitted to the Bureau of Land Management. State regulations however, are much more in depth. Each state has their own laws and regulations. Wyoming for example requires that all water supplies within a quart mile of drilling sites be identified before drilling. While Pennsylvania requires that pressure testing is done prior to completion. New York on the other hand focuses more on visual, noise, greenhouse gas and invasive species mitigation plans. While each state has their own rules and regulations, they are all trying to do the same thing, protect their states land and best interest, as well as bring down the price of energy and lower Americas dependency on foreign fuels. America’s energy demand will almost definitely never go down. It is probably a safe bet to say that it won’t even maintain its current level. As more and more people come in to America and lifespans continue to get longer, the need for more energy is almost certainly going to continue to rise. Hydraulic Fracturing is a relatively safe way for America to meet its growing demand for energy. According to the Institute for Energy research’s Senior Vice President Daniel Kish â€Å"Safe, innovative hydraulic fracturing technologies have freed the United States from years of fear mongering that America’s energy future was bleak.† (Unk) Furthermore â€Å"Of the 900,000 barrels per day increase Energy Information Administration has reported, 750,000 of it came from shale plays on non-federal lands in Texas and North Dakota. † (Unk) With all that being stated, it looks like America will be ok in the near future. Who’s to say what will happen in the future but with hydraulic fracturing America will be better off. While some people may say that we should stop hydraulic fracturing others are saying just the opposite. The environmental issues that come with fracking are not necessarily bad enough to stop the process. Without the fuels we get from the process, America may not be able to produce or obtain enough fuel to sustain our energy use. With the laws and regulations that are in place now and the ones that will continue to improve the whole process, fracking may become one of the safest and most reliable sources of energy. There is no doubt that we as a nation will continue to do hydraulic fracturing and continue to broaden the number of sites in use. How to cite Hydraulic Fracturing, Papers

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Karma Essays - Reincarnation, Shabda, Indian Religions,

Karma What is the relation, if any, of the concept of varna to the concept of karma? Of karma to the doctrine of reincarnation? The concepts of varna and karma are each closely related to the eastern civilization religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Varna and karma go hand in hand with each other to explain themselves, as does karma with the doctrine of reincarnation. The complicated explanation of all of these concepts follows. In order to understand the concept of karma, one must first understand the term varna. An appropriate definition would be the rise of class system, which the Hindus adhere to. An English translation of varna, however, is simply the word ?color? (Noss 87). There are four social classes that break down the class system otherwise known as varna. Beginning with the highest class, there is the Brahmins or priests, followed by the ruling Kshatriyas, the Vaisyas (common people), and finally the Shudras (servants). The Brahmins said that if one was a member of any of the first three classes to be extremely careful to avoid the Shudras (Noss 87). Now that we have somewhat of an understanding of varna, the concept of karma can be more easily explained. Karma simply stated is that the way one lives his or her life now determines destiny or fate. In other words, the consequences of one's actions in this life will determine what they do or become in the next life. Therefore, karma is what made one who he or she is in the present life due to the actions the person portrayed in his or her previous life. Karma is the cause of one's destiny in the future life, and is what caused a person to be who he or she is today. Now we will explain the relationship between varna and karma. Let's imagine the following situation. There are two people living in the Vaisyas class of commoners. One of them does only good deeds, has good thoughts, and portrays an all around good sense of well being. The other person commits crimes, has bad thoughts, and portrays an over all sense of evil or no good. The first person will perhaps become a member of the Kshatriya class, moving up on the wheel of samsara. The other person will most likely become a Shudra in the next life. So, perhaps in their most recent previous lives', the first person was a good person of the Shudra class, and samsara declared that he or she rise in class; and the second person may have been a bad person of the Kshatriya class, therefore he or she declined in class. There are endless possibilities, but the relationship between karma and varna is obvious here. Simply stated, karma determines varna. Next we will look at the doctrine of reincarnation as it relates to karma. Reincarnation is an easier concept to grasp than karma. Reincarnation can be defined as the never-ending time line of life. In other words, we all have been someone or something else before or present life began, and after the present life is over, we will become someone or something else again. Karma is what determines who or what we will become. Karma develops our own fate and destiny for reincarnation. The life one lives now determines what he or she will be reincarnated as. Just as karma determined varna, karma now determines reincarnation. Just incase, these ideas are the true meaning of the after-life, I suppose I shall adhere to good karma so that maybe in my next life I can be a member of the highest class.